Brett Favre and the Chicago Bears

July 13, 2008

Favre Bears


With all of the Brett Favre talk this past week about his “impending” return, I’ve been asked at least a dozen times if I would want Favre on the Bears this year.  My answer to that question is an absolute YES!  This is one of those questions where I didn’t even need time to think about it.  It would be easy for me to say that the two biggest reasons for me wanting Favre as QB1 this year are Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton.  The fact of the matter is though, that I’m actually ok with either of them as the starter.  Rexy signed a 1 year deal in the off-season, and needs to show he is a legit QB if he ever wants another chance to be a starter in the NFL.  I think his benching last year helped his head out a lot.  He looked like a completely different player when he came in at the end of the year before his injury against the Redskins.  Kyle Orton is kind of in the same situation, its time for him to show he can be a legit starter also.  As a rookie, he won 9 games.  Maybe the defense won the nine games, but he didn’t do anything to lose games during that time just like a Trent Dilfer.

The main reason my answer is yes to the Favre question is because of the 16 years of torture I had to endure watching him light up the Bears twice a year.  There a four teams I hate the most on this earth. All equally but for different reasons.  I hate the Yankees, the St. Louis Cardinals, Duke and the Packers.  I hate the Packers because I am a Bears fan. Plain and simple.  Favre made it even easier for me to hate the Packers because he was so good there for so long.  I must say that I never hated Favre, just hated the Packers worse for having a player like that.  I even have an autographed Favre helmet sighting next to my Devin Hester helmet (don’t worry Bears fans, it’s a Southern Miss helmet, I wouldn’t bring the awful green and yellow into my house). It was sort of like, when Wade Boggs ended up with the Yankees.  It pained me that he was there, but I hated the Yankees worse because he was there.  It wasn’t until Boggs embraced being a Yankee after retiring, when my hatred for that traitor grew. But that is another story. 

Can Brett still play?  I think he answered that question last year.  Is he a better option at QB than Grossman or Orton at this point? Yes he is.  Could he bring the Bears closer to a Super Bowl than those two?  Yes he can. The Bears are wasting a great defense with an awful offense.  Its happened more times than not in my life as a Bears fan.  Its about time the Bears have a real QB for once.  Can Rexy or Kyle be the one? Maybe, maybe not, but if he is available, I don’t think Brad Maynard would have a problem giving up his number for a Super Bowl ring. 

The best reason to bring in Brett Favre.  It would be the biggest Stone Cold Salute to the Packers that could ever occur.



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  1. […] Bears fans are wondering if Brett will be in Chicago this year.  Of all the teams involved in the rumors, the Bears could use him most.  I’m pretty sure YOU would be a better answer at quarterback than Grossman or Orton.  Like the Vikings, though, the Bears are pretty unlikely to end up with Favre under center this year. […]

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