Bears and Urlacher agree to new contract deal

July 22, 2008

The Chicago Bears and middle linebacker Brian Urlacher came to an agreement for a restructured contract just before the start of training camp.  The new deal gives Urlacher an $18 million bump in pay.  He had 4 years and approximately $25 million left on his previous contract.  The new contract gives him a $6 million signing bonus and a total value of about $43.5 million, while adding a 5th year. 

The Bears went against the grain with the contract renegotiation, in actually renegotiating a contract.  I think management realized that it is important to keep the face of the franchise happy for both the fans and team morale and unity.  The Bears had to deal with Lance Briggs’ contract fiasco last season that seamed to divide management and team personnel.  It was a story many teams have dealt within the past, said player believes he is paid too little, team doesn’t think so, said player threatens to holdout of training camp, team threatens fines and franchises player, said player unhappy with the franchise tag, threatens to hold out until traded, team goes through the motion of trading player, nothing happens, other players support said player in the contract squabble, said player eventually plays and resigns with the team in the off-season for a deal very close to the one the team offered in the first place, said player drives his Lamborghini into a light pole….OK, OK, I’m sorry, I’ll stop.  Thankfully, we won’t have to go through this drama again with Brian Urlacher, he has been paid and is happy, that is until the salary cap goes up again and he thinks he is underpaid once again.  Whoops, sorry again, I’ll put away my crystal ball.

The situation is pretty easy, Urlacher felt he needed more money, the Bears definitely needed their star player, the contract is done, so the Bears can go into training camp as a solid, cohesive unit because everyone is “paid”.  Well, except for their #1 draft pick Chris Williams, who is pegged to start at left tackle and said the holding out was not in his vocabulary. Although, there is a good 18 or so hours to get that one done before camp starts. Oh and Devin Hester wants more money too.  From what I have heard, he and the Bears are negotiating…


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