Bears Go Camping Tidbits…

July 30, 2008

Olin Kruetz, who had missed the past 6 days of camp with an achilles injury, passed a physical today and practiced for the first time.

Kevin Jones, still recovering from his knee surgery and on the PUP list, was on the field today.  Helmet but no pads.  Looks like he is on pace to start practicing sometime next week.

Chris Williams, who had slightly strained his back on his first day of workouts, was on the field again, helmet no pads, but this is a good sign he may see action in a day or two. I sure hope he is on the field soon, the offensive line hasn’t looked all that great so far. Plus, I really need to get the vision of Stan Thomas out of my head. It would really depress me if Williams turns into another Thomas.

Bears waived ex-Saluki QB, Nick Hill today, shattering hopes of Southern Illinois alumni, that he may become QB1 for the Bears this season.

It looks like the QB battle is going to be won on the field during the preseason games, which it should be.  Orton and Rexy have both looked good and bad in the tapes I have seen.  Kyle has been throwing up some picks the past few days while Rexy has been having trouble with snaps again here and there.  Now the Kruetz is back, hopefully that problem will be resolved. 

Earl Bennett and Matt Forte continue to impress.  I can’t wait to see Forte in a game.  Bennett looks like he is ready to contribute right out of the box at the wide receiver spot, although he has had some problems fumbling the ball while taking punts. 

I’ve been reading reports that Garrette Wolfe has been looking really good in camp. The Bears may just have to carry 4 RBs this year if that is the case.

Mark Bradley has looked really good at the receiver spot so far.  Hopefully, he can stay away from the injury bug that Dan Bauzin and Dusty Dvoracek have.

That’s about it for today.  I’ll have more in depth information this week.



One Response to “Bears Go Camping Tidbits…”

  1. WindyCitySuLLY said

    Alright cannot wait for the football season!!!I also heard that the Bears want Kevin Jones to lose 10lbs while on the PUP because they believe him being lighter will allow for his knee to take the pressure and he would be lee=ss likely for injury

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