Smiles to tears that quickly….

September 15, 2008

My joy because of the win over the Colts last week came to an abrupt end yesterday as I listened to the second half of the Bears/Panthers game on the way home from the dump. My big screen breathed a sigh of relief that the game wasn’t televised in my area because if I had seen what I had listened to, the remote or my foot would have rocketed toward the tv in ultra high definition. How do you lose a game in the second half after being up 17-3? Just ask the Bears, they have a perfect team model for doing it. It happened all last year and from the looks of things so far this season, it may not happen as much but it’ll still happen.

Let’s start off with the positives:

1) In the first half, the D held Jonathan Stewart to 1 yard rushing in the first half. Peanut Tilman picked off a pass to set up a TD. 

2) Matt Forte had another very good day rushing for 92 yards.

3) Special teams had a blocked punt by McGlover go right into the hands of Brandon Lloyd for a TD.

Now for the Negatives:

1) Kyle Orton can’t throw a mid range or long pass to save his life.  He averaged 4.7 yards per pass yesterday.  This is the NFL, not pee wee football, that is just pathetic. While he didn’t throw any picks, he certainly didn’t help the offense by missing receivers by the dozen.

2) The Panthers got TWO TD’s from TWO fumbles by Greg Olsen.  Olsen usually has sure hands, so this in an anomaly but you can’t do that and expect a win.

3) Lovie Smith has absolutely no vision for adjustments.  The Bears dominated the first half, the Panthers came out in the second half and made adjustments, the Bears did not, the Panthers won. I like Lovie but the lack of adjustments during the game has gotten very old.

4) Ron Turner sucks. He must have photos of someone. How he still has a job is beyond me. I hated him the first time he was around with Wannstedt and I hate him this time around.  You have Matt Forte, who ran the ball successfully all day, why give Jason McKie the ball on a 4th and 1 with the game on the line?  He barely made his TD on the 1 yard line earlier in the game.  He only made it because he jumped over a guy that was already on the ground. In all my years of watching McKie, I have never seen him run over anyone or bust through a hole in the line. Ron, did you think you were going to trick the Panthers somehow because you put in McKie instead of Forte? Well, you didn’t, you used the same play with a less talented runner.  With an awful offensive line, I can pretty much tell you that 9 times out of 10 it won’t work!!!  Watching his play calling during a game literally makes my brain hurt.  I hated John Shoop when he was offensive coordinator for the Bears. I still have my “Fire Shoop” shirt that I still wear on occasion.  I think I need to trade that in on a “Fire Turner” shirt. Just for the record, I hate Norv too.

5) The Bears ownership.  I’m really tired of being a fan of a mediocre team.  A great defense and an awful offense = a mediocre team.  A tired, great defense and an awful offense = another non playoff year. I’ve been a Bears fan since I was 7 years old and in the 28 years of being a fan, they have fielded a good team (a complete good team) a few enough times where I can count them on one hand.  The truth is that if the owners are using the 85 team as a model for the team nowadays, they need to realize that the 85 team had some talent on offense. This offense is modeled after the pre-Ditka years, where Sweetness was the only good play on offense surrounded by Bob Avelienis and Vince Evenses, etc.   Now its Matte Fortes with Kyle Ortons, Matt Garzas and Brandon Lloyds. The Bears have been a legit Super Bowl contender maybe 5 times in 28 years.  I’m getting a little tired of it.  Maybe fans should have free agency too.


One Response to “Smiles to tears that quickly….”

  1. T.W.O. said

    Not sure whats worse….the Bears play calling or your BBQ. Stop cryin’ in your beer…Redskins fans have a worse owner, an un-proven coach, and veteran players who would rather play dress up than play ball.

    All things Chi-town rule…from Ditka to Jordan (besides his new release of shoes – unbelievable)…..

    There is only one thing better than OBX and thats T.W.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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